Tuesday, September 8, 2009


1. Levi Strauss 2. Hubert de Givenchy 3. Coco Chanel 4. Louis Vuitton 5. David Bowie 6. Claire McCardell 7. Eileen Ford 8. Elvis Presley 9. Yves St. Laurent 10. Max Factor 11. Karl Lagerfeld 12. Andy Warhol 13. Richard Avedon 14. John Galliano 15. Yohji Yamamoto 16. Salvatore Ferragamo 17. Vivienne Westwood 18. Bob Dylan 19. Marc Jacobs 20. Mary Quant 21. Anna Wintour 22. Vidal Sassoon 23. Jane Fonda 24. Hedi Slimane 25. James Bond 26. Mae West 27. Giorgio Armani 28. Harry Winston 29. Madonna 30. Diane Von Furstenburg 31. Michael Jackson 32. Donatella Versace 33. Louis RĂ©ard 34. Dolce & Gabbana 35. Tom Ford 36. Kate Moss 37. Jean Paul Gaultier 38. Barbie 39. Edith Head 40. Miuccia Prada 41. Chuck Taylor 42. Oleg Cassini 43. Calvin Klein 44. Kevyn Aucoin 45. Kurt Cobain 46. Charles F. Worth 47. Ralph Lauren 48. Vera Wang 49. Marilyn Monroe 50. Annie Leibovitz 51. Farrah Fawcett 52. Janie Bryant 53. Keith Richards 54. Herminie Cadolle 55. Rowland Hussey Macy 56. Andre 3000 57. Takashi Murakami 58. Grace Jones 59. Twiggy 60. Bettie Page 61. Mario Testino 62. Princess Diana 63. Cher 64. Sailor Jerry 65. Herb Ritts 66. Christian Louboutin 67. James Dean 68. Beverly Johnson 69. Emilio Pucci 70. Carrie Donovan 71. Annie Hall 72. Issey Miyake 73. Joey Ramone 74. Alexis Carrington 75. Grace Kelly 76. Janis Joplin 77. Donald and Doris Fisher 78. Daisy Duke 79. Michael Jordan 80. Patricia Field 81. Robert Smith 82. Gwen Stefani 83. Louise Brooks 84. David LaChappelle 85. Astrid Kircherr 86. David Yurman 87. Mary Pickford 88. Amy Heckerling 89. Anjelica Huston 90. Jacob the Jeweler 91. Richard Blackwell 92. Tyra Banks 93. Dov Charney 94. Irene Castle 95. Yuko Shimizu 96. Thom Browne 97. Chris McMillan 98. Eddie Plein 99. Rachel Zoe 100. Anna Nicole Smith
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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sharon Toxic

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heathers- The Meaning of LIFE


This is honestly on of my new favorite philosophical movies. First there was Mean Girls then a bunch of other mimics... But this movie could never be any more authentic. I love The Heathers, there's honestly so much to this movie. Of course constant suicide, manipulation of the innocent high school teen etc ...but with meaning!

The Braid in All it's Glory

Over the years the braid has gone in and out of style. Thanks to our fabulous fashion leader Lauren Conrad the braid is more popular then ever. I think it's such a sweet and sophisticated look that goes about with really not too much effort.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ms. Barclay Strikes Another Pose

This fabulous model Erin Barclay just posted this amazing photos of her latest shoot! Enjoy there fabulous!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Makeup Faces- Siera at the Up and Coming

You all know my fabulous make-up artist Siera right? She did make up for the first ever photo shoot I ever had. She made all my dreams come true. And she was nice enough to come all the way to Vaughan to help me out at the Up and Coming. I absolutely love her and want to say that she is clearly one of the best around here! She did so many of our models for the show in record time. She's amazing!

Up and Coming Fashion Show- Tyler Kenny

So last Saturday's Up and Coming featured a very new and soon to be extremely successful designer. TYLER KENNY! His work is amazing and these pictures don't even begin to showcase the show to it's extremes! The line is everything a glamazon could wish for. Bring on the glitz the glam, and all the fabulous textiles to match! With a touch of everything from sexy animal print to flowing drapery you could find it in the most sophisticated manner. We were so happy to have him at the Up and Coming!

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